thinking about things from eight sides


My name is Benjamin Turner and I help make the internet go. I’ve been creating software for the internet since 1995 and have worked at Apple, Lycos (remember them?), Amazon, Jobster, and Gist (recently acquired by BlackBerry). These days I’m mostly focused on software development for clients via my consulting company, Octodot Labs, LLC.

I like to work on all levels of the web application stack from Javascript to SQL tuning and distributed systems. I also dabble in MacOS and iOS development. I’m not a language zealot, but I currently work mostly in Ruby and Javascript, along with Java when the conditions warrant it. I’m looking for an excuse to build something with Go or Scala, though.

I migrated from sunny California to the somewhat less sunny, but much greener Pacific Northwest years ago and currently live in Portland, Oregon. I’m a cyclist, a reader, a public transit afficionado, an avid coffee drinker, a bourbon fan, a lover of the outdoors, and a connoisseur of architecture (amongst other things).

My email address is ben @ this domain.